Vonnie Pratt is a first year student at Drake University. She is currently majoring in Magazine Media, Writing, and in the 3+3 Law Program. She plans to graduate from Drake University in 2022. 


Faith plays a huge role in Vonnie’s life. In fact, the biggest aspect in Vonnie’s life that continues to fuel her and push her in life is her passion in her beliefs. When she is not in class or studying she is typically at some sort of faith based activity. She is involved in several Bible studies, attends SALT Company and church every week, along with working at Twin Lakes Bible Camp during the summer. Vonnie aspires for her future career to correspond with both of her majors along with her involvement with her religion. 


Outside of faith, Vonnie enjoys a variety of different activities to keep her busy while she is not doing schoolwork. Vonnie is fascinated by the activity of mock trial and has been involved with it for the past seven years. Mock trial is actually the reason behind Vonnie’s declaration of law. Throughout the activity, she has been able to learn more about the law and develop skills that help her effectively prove points and win arguments.

Vonnie also has a passion for dancing and was involved in different dance teams and classes for the past sixteen years of her life. Dance has helped her become more confident and has taught her different ways to express her feelings. Throughout the years, dance has given Vonnie the opportunity to take charge and take leadership roles. Both mock trial and dance have given her skills that she uses in everyday life, and will continue to grow in for years to come. 


Vonnie’s hunger for serving and determination to make a difference in others’ lives led her to take interest in volunteer projects and groups. She was involved with a volunteer group known as Interact for four years, and is constantly looking for ways to push herself to go out of her way and serve other people. 

Vonnie is a hard worker and is always organized and efficient in whatever she is doing. She works great in team settings and is equipped to take the lead when necessary. She is always excited to learn how to do new things and to meet new people. Vonnie’s diverse interests helped mold her into a dependable person with a variety of different skills that help her in all that she does.

“For I am His and He is mine, bought with the precious blood of Christ”