March 10

Drake University students are excited to travel all over the United States this weekend to start spring break. 

Drake University’s campus, closes Saturday, March 14 at noon and reopens Sunday, March 22 at 8 a.m. for the university’s spring break. Many students are hitting the roads as soon as their classes finish for the week. Students off to do a variety of different activities with their time off.

Emily Hedgecock, a sophomore at Drake, is traveling to Zion National Park in Utah over break. “It’s a SALT company trip, with a whole bunch of people from my college ministry,” Hedgecock said,.”

“I am excited to hang out with friends and get to know them better,” Hedgecock said.

Hedgecock is not the only student at Drake who is excited to go on a trip with loved ones. Mallory McGuire, a freshman at Drake, has a busy trip to Kansas City planned with her family.

“While in Kansas City, my family and I are going to go to the World War I Museum, eat barbeque, and visit my g-big from my sorority,” McGuire said. 

Although spring break is a good time off from school work to make grand plans and travel to fun places, some Drake students are taking the break to go home and relax. Taylor Force, a freshman at Drake, is planning to do just that. 

Force’s home is in Jacksonville, Illinois where she plans to “hang out with friends and family” and see her dogs for the first time in over six weeks. 

Drake University students are excitedly awaiting the spring break this year. Some have big plans of adventures. Meanwhile, others simply relaxing and taking time away from the books.

March 30

A lot has changed in a few weeks. Drake University students started from prepping for spring break. Now, they will not be returning back to campus for the rest of the semester.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in the world, and no way to treat it, the United States is essentially on lock down.

Drake first informed the students that they would not be returning to campus immediately after spring break, but would have to take online courses for two weeks.

Last Wednesday the dean, Marty Martin, made an announcement. Drake University will be continuing virtual learning through the end of the semester.

Many students have mixed feelings on what is happening and the affect it is having on their everyday life.

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