As I walk to my destination, a cool breeze is sweeping past my cheeks. The air is becoming thinner and thinner as I get closer, as I breathe in I feel a sense of refreshment. The air is much different here than in Iowa, no sense of humidity or thickness.

 The more I walk and the closer I get to the destination, the peaks of the mountains are becoming more and more evident ahead of me. They look massive, more rock and snow being revealed to me every step that I take. As I turn to look at my surroundings, I am made aware of the vibrant green grass that is filled with different colors and types of flowers. Blue, purple, and white flowers appear in clusters, breaking up the green of the grass. Every now and then I see the small heads of ground squirrels pop up in between the fields of flowers. Further in the distance, I see the tall pine trees up on the hills and in the fields that seem to be never ending. 

 I close my eyes for a second and I inhale deeply, the scent of the different family of flowers overcomes me. The smell of lilac and pine stays in the air as I continue my journey.  

Suddenly, a building comes into sight, it appears to be a picnic shelter, something one would see at a campground. It only has two walls, the short end sides being completely open.  The building is small, yet large enough to block my view of the evergrowing mountain peaks. I continued on the path and was eventually brought to the building. 

As I reached the building, I began to hear a distant sound of chatter. I decided to follow the noise, which brought me around the corner of the building. 

I was stunned to look out into the sky in front of me and realize that I had made it to my destination. The seemingly giant pieces of rock towered over us. They were still far enough away to see the entirety of the range without requiring to look straight up to see them, and yet I felt as if I could reach my hand out and touch them. 

The sky was completely clear, revealing every peak and bump on the mountain. I was shocked to see the white blankets of snow covering each peak, considering that where I was standing it was a slightly chilly spring day, no snow to be seen on the ground. 

Suddenly, the sight that was in front of me was more than worth the fourteen hour drive that I had taken the day before. 

Where am I describing?

I am talking about Grand Teton National Park located in Wyoming. Yes, Wyoming is filled with beautiful parks all over. However, this will forever be one of my places to go to on vacation. It is so peaceful and beautiful.

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