Vonnie Pratt — October 15, 2018

Everyone has an ideal way of life in their head. These idealities can all vary greatly depending on the person. However, I can almost assure you that feeling lost and alone is not what most people have in mind when they think about the most ideal way to live their life. Even so, this is the harsh reality, and a lot of people do live their lives this way. Everyone is going through stuff. The outcast, the nerd, even the captain of the cheer squad. Try and remember this before you act rudely or say something behind someone’s back.

I can personally relate to this tremendously. I am not saying this to be conceited or anything, but I have always thought of myself as a well composed, happy-go-lucky, and kind girl. I feel as if everyone has a certain picture of me in their heads that they expect me to live up to. Lately, I feel as if I am someone else completely. I feel as if I am an outcast and that no one can relate to what I am feeling. I am feeling rejected and judged, solely because I lost myself.. or who i thought I was.

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